Wholesale Dog Supplies from Louis Barx

Do you want to stock you store’s shelves with awesome Louis Barx pet apparel and supplies? Great! Here is your chance! 


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Wholesale pet supplies from Louis Barx can offer several advantages for retailers. Dogs are one of the most preferred choices for pets because they provide dog owners with love, companionship, and security. At Louis Barx, we have developed an extensive range of wholesale pet products for retailers and store owners who help us reach the cart of avid pet parents. 

Why are wholesale pet products becoming popular?

Wholesale pet products are becoming more and more popular because retailers prefer convenience over anything. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to wholesale dog supplies and to find the perfect supplies could be quite a challenge, don’t worry we got you covered and you get many benefits from us, including:

  • Awesome prices: For one, you can shop for slashed rates when you purchase anything in bulk. Buying bulk from our store can allow retailers to avail lower prices so they can sell at a reasonable price to dog owners at the bottom of the retail chain.
  • Extensive selection: As a wholesale dog supplier, we offer a much wider range of products than any typical store. You can find exactly what you need when you surf through our online inventory.
  • Convenience: No need to struggle with offline shopping because now, you can shop wholesale products online, compare prices, find what you are looking for, and place an order quickly and easily. 

What makes us unique?

  • Premium quality products made from human-grade raw materials
  • Convenient walk-gear
  • Latest pet trends stocked up at a single inventory
  • Both canine and feline-friendly products
  • All products are available in different sizes and colors
  • Seamless delivery within 1-3 business days
  • Unique designs and attention to detail
  • A completely women-owned business that is customer-oriented
  • Our products are more than mere items; they offer a premium experience
  • NET60 days facility, free shipping, and many other exciting benefits through our third party partners
  • Partners with amazing brands for global outreach 

Our Offerings

Pets can be as fussy as humans. Ranging from their wardrobe choices to pet accessories, there’s a lot that you can get to pamper your dog. Our inventory is stocked with pet products ranging from pet wearable to blankets, dog collars, leashes, and rope toys. You can shop till you drop without breaking the bank. And the best part is every product you get from Louis Barx is worth every penny. 

Why choose Louis Barx?

Louis Barx is a leading wholesale pet supplier because of its constant commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness. As a one-stop hub of wholesale dog supplies, the company offers competitive prices and an extensive collection of premium quality dog products. Buy bulk pet wholesale supplies, and we can ship them within 1-3 days from our Houston, Texas warehouse. 

We have become a household name in wholesale pet supplies because of our free returns and constant dedication to customer satisfaction. In addition, our wide variety of products undergoes a stringent QA process. Thus, you can rest assured that you get the best for your customers and their pets…great quality and fair price. 

Need more information or want to get a quote? USA and Canadian customers can inquire about selling Louis Barx dog supplies through Faire and Abound. If you belong to the international customer category, e-mail us at care@louisbarx.com!