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A whole new world full of colors and fun. Our unique, feel-good and convenient supplies are designed and manufactured with you and your pup in mind. After all, that is our commitment.

To bring a different fun and colorful experience that will make you and your dog happy.

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  • Timeless, Optimistic and Fun!

    Timeless, Optimistic and Fun!

    We created a colorful and unique experience for dog moms and their pups. A whole new shopping experience without compromising style and quality.

    We are crazy about dogs and colors!

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  • Eco-Friendly


    One of our main focus is to make small but meaningful contributions to the environment. We are continuously looking for eco-friendly materials and strategic partners that helps us in our mission.

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  • Female Founded

    Female Founded

    Empowering dog moms and their pups since 2019.

    We believe there is a beautiful and strong bond between a lady and her dog.

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