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Trendy Summer Outfit Ideas for Your Pup

Pups are the real superstars in every dog parent’s life. So it is no surprise that the latter go to great lengths for their fur baby, buying everything that makes them look fabulous and feel amazing. Designer dog clothes are the latest trend in pet fashion right now. So, keep your four-legged companion comfortable and look trendy on Instagram simultaneously. Your dog deserves nothing but the best, so choosing something that stays comfortable all year round is essential. When it comes to dogs, getting messy is no biggie. Splashing in the puddle and rolling in the mud are their favorite activities. The clothes you get for them should also be easily washable and sturdy enough to withstand all this torture: Cotton is usually the best choice. 

Nothing says summer fashion more than colorful graphic t-shirts. Help them stay cool without compromising style as you and your buddy participate in outdoor adventures. Be it a hike, A run in the park, or some good old game of fetch, t-shirts are guaranteed to keep them comfortable while looking absolutely adorable. Why just summers? The graphic t-shirts are vibrant enough to make your fur pal look fantastic during winter. The t-shirts are comfy, breathable, and trendy enough to make your dog look like a rockstar. 

Choosing the right t-shirt may seem overwhelming, with so many options out there. Here is an outfit idea worth picking up. The matchup of a “Tacos & tequila” t-shirt with a colorful bandana. The graphic tee keeps the swagger up while The bandana adds to the class.

1. Tacos & Tequila T-Shirt

Tacos & Tequila T-Shirt
Who doesn’t like Tacos & tequila? Exactly, No one! This t-shirt is a must-have style option that makes a statement. Made from 100% cotton, it will keep your dog comfortable throughout the year. The soft-touch fabric is extremely cozy. Being so lightweight also makes it optimal for outdoor activities. The loose fit makes it the ideal choice for summertime comfort. Whether you have something small and feisty like a Chihuahua or something big and graceful like a St. Bernard, this t-shirt is available in all sizes, ranging from small to XXL. Taking care of these t-shirts is very easy; you can simply machine wash them to scrape the dirt build-up or odor.

2. Colorful Plaid Bandana

Colorful Plaid bandana
To go along with a cool and funky t-shirt, you need something classy and elegant. A colorful Plaid bandana does the job. It adds class to the outfit and looks timeless. It is comfortable to wear 7 days a week, year-round. Pair it with a matching collar and leash, which will set new standards in dog fashion. These are made of 100% cotton and are machine washable.

It is time you take your dog’s canine fashion game to the next level. These trendy, high-quality, and stylish apparel will be a great addition to the wardrobe. Are you wondering where you can get these cheeky little outfits? Check out Louis Barx’s amazing collection! This store will leave you spoilt for choice with a range of outfits suitable for all dogs and all seasons. Whether your fur baby is a Dachshund or a Retriever, Barx has it all. Visit their store today and fill up your cart. Let your dog have a wardrobe update!