Dog Blankets for Couch

Should Dogs Have Blankets?

While the fall season lurks around the corner, your dog might constantly be snuggling up next to your pillow. But, believe it or not, dogs are creatures of comfort. They like the sense of security they get from burrowing into a cozy spot. Remember when your dog jumped on your pile of laundry on the floor or pulled your blanket on the couch? Well, they were just bound by their instinct to nest. So before the fall fades and winter rushes in, get comfy pet blankets to keep your dog warm and cozy.  

Curious about why you might need a blanket for the pet? Here’s the answer to that!  

Why your dog needs a blanket?

  • Create a sense of security

Your dog might be protecting you from all the evils of the world. They might be your most faithful guardian angel. However, dogs also like a sense of security when it comes to safety. Especially if you have a puppy adjusting to its new home who’ve recently been adopted from an animal shelter, having a puppy blanket can come in handy to induce sleep easily. 

  • Support your dog’s instinct to nest

Have you ever noticed how your dog circles and scratches before sleeping? Well, this is an instinct. Before dogs were domesticated, they were creatures of the wilderness, where they used to sleep on pile-up grass, straw, or leaves to create a type of den. Even though they no longer do that, most dogs exhibit this behavior as a remnant of their old ancestry.  

You might not understand this, but your dog needs a spot they can call their own. When they start using a blanket, it will retain their scent, adding to their sense of place. Having  blankets for the couch can make your dog feel comfortable rooting around. They will start feeling your home as one of their own and accept you wholeheartedly when they have something to curl up in. 

  •  Serves the cause of protection

Although dogs are blessed with fur coats, some breeds still get cold. Older dogs, puppies, skinny dogs like chihuahuas, and dogs with thin coats need a little extra warmth, so they would love to have blankets around. Also, dogs fear noises like fireworks and thunderstorms, and giving them a blanket to burrow in can help keep your dogs calm. 


When it’s cold and you have a dog at home, their dog bed isn’t enough to keep them warm. Better sleep patterns won’t just keep your dog’s aggressive behavior at bay; it can also add years to the lives of your fur baby. Whether at home or on the road, dogs notoriously love their blankets. 

No matter your lifestyle, dog blankets are an easy investment for every pet owner, and if you want to keep your pet cozy during the fall, Louis Barx can be an excellent shopping spot to get your dog the cutest blankets at the most reasonable prices. The quality is impeccable, the prints are adorable, and you can rest assured that the blankets are made from human-grade materials.