Waterproof Dog Collar

How to Choose a Dog Collar?

Having a dog at home is no less than bliss. You might undoubtedly understand the joy of caring for and raising a canine-like your child. However, owning and raising a dog comes with its set of responsibilities. You need to bathe and feed them, bring them to the vet, and get all the vital things for their safety. One of these things is a waterproof dog collar.  

Dog collars aren’t just any accessory wrapper around your pet’s neck; they also keep your dog safe, comfortable and secure while you take them for a friendly stroll in the park or exercising. But, with an overwhelming variety of collars available in the market, selecting the right one can be no less than daunting. So, before heading to the local pet store to get a dog collar or waterproof dog leash, here’s a guide. Dive in to find out how to choose a dog collar.  

How to choose the right dog collar?

Well, every dog is a bit different in what they need. The best way to select the right collar for your dog is to break it down into the different qualities you need. To make it more straightforward for you, here are some steps: 

  • Consider the style

First, you need to start with selecting the style that matches your dog’s persona. We recommend deciding early on why you want the collar for your dog. For example, would you use it for identification and everyday wear, or are we talking about walking or training here? 

There are wide varieties when it comes to style, but traditional buckle collars are the best. They come with a prong-style buckle with holes punched in the belt for adjustment. So, your dog can wear them daily, and you don’t have to worry about the struggle while undoing these collars.  

  • Select the right material

The next thing to consider is the material. Now that you have narrowed down what you want for a collar style, it’s high time you think about what the collar should be made of. Consider whether you are looking for a collar that aces in durability or want something that won’t exacerbate your dog’s sensitive skin issue.  

  • Harness is the key

Although harnesses aren’t collars, they are a must-have and well-known accessory for pet parents who love to walk their canine pals. In addition, harnesses can aid pet parents in controlling their pups without straining their necks. So, pick a harness that fits properly, stays securely, and isn’t too tight while getting a collar. 


From identification and protection to providing better control to pet parents, canine dog collars have tremendous benefits. Therefore, getting the best waterproof dog collar is the need of the hour. Each collar has unique benefits; you can pick one depending on your dog’s personality, lifestyle, and other factors. Searching for fabulously functional dog collars or waterproof dog leashes for your dog? Louis Barx can be your one-stop solution!