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Do Dogs Need Sweaters in Winter Months?

Do dogs require clothing in winter? Yes, they do. Most pet parents think their dogs are immune to the chilly weather due to their fur. However, just like humans, having an extra layer over their skin can help them withstand extreme temperatures. While some would dismiss dressing a dog as silly, many owners have observed their pets shivering ferociously after exposure to cold conditions. Despite this, some are hesitant to dress their pets, fearing being weird. So, do not be bothered. There is no harm in covering your dog with clothing if you are worried that he might feel chilly. If your dog is unwilling to relieve himself outdoors in the snow, a dog sweater might be helpful during the colder months. Dog sweaters are made of soft fabric that keeps your dog comfortable and cozy in spring, fall, and winter. 

If you are in a dilemma about whether a sweater is good for your dog, here are a few tips to determine if your dog needs a sweater. 

  • Dog Age

Older dogs tend to feel the chill more than younger ones. A senior pet can be miserable in the winter due to a weakened immune system. If you want it to stay warm, you should provide it with a sweater or hoody. 

  • Fur Density

Dogs with double coats and thick undercoats are likely to be more comfortable in low temperatures, but you can also provide them with a pet sweater if they feel chilly. If you are taking your dog outside in the snow, it must wear something to stay safe from freezing weather. 

Dogs without hair or short, thin fur require sweaters in cold weather. In addition, poodle breed owners frequently trim their pets' hair to prevent tangling. Therefore, if your dog has thick hair that has been cut, you should give it a sweater for added comfort. 

  • Breed Type

Some breeds, like the Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Saint Bernard, have very dense coat that is well suited to harsh winter weather. Depending on the breed type, you can get sweaters, hoodies, or jumpers to keep your dog comfy. Different breeds also have different size requirements, so if you are getting a jumper, hoodie, or sweater, pick that accordingly. Make sure to buy the proper size cotton and woolen blends. 

To ensure your dog's sweater fits perfectly, check the following:

  1. Measure his neck, chest, and waist.
  2. Ensure the dog is standing while measuring the length of the jumper. Next, measure the dog from the base of its neck to the bottom of its tail.
  3. Last, look for outer clothes without jutting trimmings that your pup can chew on and swallow. 

In Final Words

Not all dogs are the same. Therefore, their clothing requirements will be different too. If your dog requires a sweater as per the tips mentioned above, you should get the most comfortable, cozy, fluffy sweaters to bear the harsh winters, windy fall, and spring. These sweaters will keep your dog warm and cozy by trapping its body heat.