How to Shop for the Best Dog Leash

Buying Guide: How to Shop for the Best Dog Leash?

Every pet owner dreams of owning an adorable canine pal who can offer love and companionship. Irrespective of the size of your dog, a dog leash is always an indispensable accessory for every dog owner. Leashes can come in handy when taking your dog for a walk or to the vet. In a nutshell, collars and leashes play an invaluable role in identifying and controlling your dog. Available in different materials, styles, lengths, and widths, you can pick a dog leash depending on the activity you want your dog to engage in. For instance, a 40- to 50-feet long dog leash is best suited for off-leash training, while a hands-free dog leash may be the best choice for running and jogging. However, in most cases, a regular 5-feet PVC dog leash is more than enough. 

Get the right dog leash; here’s how 

The right choice of a dog leash depends on the following factors:

  1. Which activity would you like to engage your dog in?
  2. Where do you go with your dog?
  3. The size of your dog. 

To make choosing simpler and seamless, we’ve penned down a definitive guide on how to shop for the best dog leash. 

  • Leashes for training

Owning a pet includes training it well. Therefore, a leash is a must-have for training your dog. The points to consider while choosing a leash for training your dog include the following: 

  1. The comfort of your pet - A leash with textured material would be the best choice as it will safeguard your pup’s neck against stress sores that may form if it pulls too hard.
  2. The comfort of your hands - Look for a leash with a padded handle that may go easy on your hands.
  3. The size of your dog - As a rule of thumb, smaller leashes are comfortable for small dogs, whereas large-sized breeds require heavy-duty harnesses reinforced with nylon webbing and double stitching. 

For added control, you may choose a retractable leash. 

  • Leashes for walks or hikes

If you are walking your dog, you want to give it enough room to explore while exercising optimal control. For such scenarios, rope leashes are the best. Durability, flexibility, and convenience are the prime factors when buying a rope dog leash. Reflective threading and waterproof material may be additional factors to consider. 

  • General-purpose leashes

A PVC leash would be best for all general purposes such as walking your dog within the premises of your mansion or farm, briefly tying your dog to a railing, etc. For those looking for a waterproof dog leash, the PVC leash is a good choice. You may pair the PVC leash with a waterproof dog collar of the same material, i.e., PVC. 

The best brand to buy a leash from

The types of leashes mentioned herein may be available with many brands; however, what is important is to buy a leash from a trusted company that is known to provide the best quality products. Louis Barx is a renowned name in dog products, where you will find a quality, reasonably priced.