Dog Blankets for Couches, Mattresses, or Furniture

5 Clever Ways for Cleaning Up Pet Hair around Your House

Are you frustrated cleaning the hair mess of your dog? Some dogs shed a lot. There is no denying that dogs are wonderful companions and that people adore having them in their houses. It can be a little annoying, though, how much hair they leave on the ground, bed, clothing, sofa, and carpets. Pet hair cleanup may be laborious, as every dog owner is aware. However, there are many clever ways to clean up your dog's hair mess. From puppy blankets to lint rollers, you have pretty smart options to choose from. Let's explore every one of those clever ways: 

  • Use dog blankets for the couch

Throwing puppy blankets over your sofa, carpet, or bed to keep it fur-free is the easiest way to keep pet hair off your furniture. You can find dog blankets for couches, mattresses, or furniture in many shapes and sizes. You can choose whichever fulfills your needs.

  • Damp rubber gloves

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to remove pet hair from your furniture? Use rubber gloves. Rubber gloves effectively remove the bulk of dog hair that sticks to your furniture because of how easily it attaches to them. To gather pet hair, wear gloves and rub your hands over any cloth surface. Remove hair from surfaces by covering large areas such as giant pillows, bed coverings, and sofas. Making it slightly damp before using the hair will stick to it immediately and help you quickly clean the hair mess.

  • Lint rollers

Using a lint roller makes cleaning pet hair much simpler. The lint roller will remove hair from your clothing and furnishings regardless of length. As a consequence, everything appears quite orderly and tidy. You may get these rollers from any retailer in the form and size that best suits your needs.

  • Vacuum cleaner

One of the simplest and quickest ways to remove pet hair from your home is to use a vacuum cleaner. In contrast to dust, pet hair, dust, and germs do not spread in the air. Instead, they stay on the surface. Therefore, be sure you have the appropriate vacuum cleaner since some are more successful than others at clearing dog hair.

  • Anti-static spray

Take a cloth and an anti-static cleaning spray to remove pet hair from pricey hardwood furniture such as study chairs and tables. This prevents the hair from reattaching to your furniture and keeping it on the duster. 

To push pet hair to the surface of your carpet, you may also use this anti-static cleaning spray. After that, go over the carpet with the vacuum. Move the vacuum in various directions to eliminate the thin hair that remains deep within the rug's surface. 

The Takeaway

It's unnecessary to struggle to get pet hair out of your house. By following a few wise tactics, you may achieve your goals and complete the task in the shortest time. Using these methods, you may remove pet hair and make your house more hygienic.